You Almost Had It!

2 - Changing Your Oil

Episode 2 - Changing your Oil

Hello, aspiring do-it-yourself'er! For starters, give episode 2 a listen. You'll find helpful information and much needed solidarity if/when you're challenged by this project! 

Every new project begins with a bit of research! Here is the most helpful article I found. You'll find a list of required tools and supplies, a video, and a step-by-step breakdown. All your questions are answered in that one link (Thanks to

Before you head off to the auto parts store, find the owner's manual for your car and identify the type and amount of oil that your vehicle requires.


Here is where you can learn from Vince's mistakes. Just like with podcasting, there are a few one-time investments that you'll need to make. Unlike Vince, shop for deals on any missing tools such as ramps and socket wrenches before starting the project! Every other tool (funnel, oil drain pan, latex gloves, etc) can be found for a few bucks at your local auto parts store. Our suggestion, go for the bargains. The entire appeal of changing your own oil is saving money. You don't need a fancy oil drip pan for $30. The $3 one works just as well. 

Now, follow the steps in the article above, and you should be good...! If you're still a little unsure, search YouTube for a video on your car's year, make, and model

Cleaning up

You're almost done. The fresh oil is in your car, and the old oil is in your $3 drain pan. Using your funnel, carefully transfer the old oil into the (now empty) container you just purchased. If you're less-than-confident in that transfer, purchase a paint bucket (with lid) from your local hardware store. This should make the transfer stress and mess free, and the auto parts store will have a place to dispose of your used oil (Be sure to double-check just in case). 

We've set up an aStore for all the tools and supplies we used/you'll need. If you also want to look the part, grab a mechanics shirt, an old pair of blue jeans, and any shoes other than TOMS. 

And there you have it - a beginner's guide to changing your own oil.  Doesn't seem too difficult, right?  If you run into any other questions, or just want to tell us how your oil change went, we'd love to hear from you.  Just check out the questions tab to send us your questions/comments.  Good Luck!