You Almost Had It!

4 - Making Your Own Clothes

Episode 4 - Making your own Clothes

Hello, YAHI Listener! This project was both challenging and fun. Please show some love to our friends Zede and Mal of the Sewing Out Loud podcast. They coached Vince through the process of building his own clothes, and the result is a pretty fly hoodie. Also, give episode 4 a listen to hear the amazing story of how YAHI and SEO got connected and learn about the necessary supplies and step-by-step process on how to make your own clothes from a true beginner.  

Try it... and ... DO IT TIL YOU GET GOOOOD!

STEP 1 - Know what you want to make

Once you've identified what type of garment you want to make, you'll need to find the "blueprints" and instructions for that particular garment. In the sewing world, that is called a paper pattern. For this particular project, we used a trace pattern from Thread Theory (We used THIS specific paper pattern).

STEp 2 - Prep work

Before you run any fabric through a machine (we'll get there in a second), you want to trace your paper pattern onto some tracing paper. This will allow you to use the paper pattern more than once in case you want to make more than one garment in multiple sizes. After tracing your desired size, use a rotary cutter to cut out the fabric. The rotary cutter will save tons of time and will make much cleaner cuts.

PRO-TIP - If the fabric you're using doesn't provide a lot of "wiggle room" (use this chart to learn more about your fabric), try making a "muslin" or a practice garment with a less expensive fabric. 

STEp 3 - SEW It!

Using a serger machine, follow the instructions on the paper pattern and begin constructing the garment. 

If you're feeling a little lost, do a quick Google search for sewing studios in your area. Here's is one for Charleston, SC, or try Austin, TX, a nice place in New Orleans, LA, and who could forget the Mississippi Gulf Coast. AAAANNNNDD. Last but not least... Columbia, MO - Zede's Sewing Studio.

And there you have it - a beginner's guide to making your own clothes.  Doesn't seem too difficult, right?  If you run into any other questions, or just want to tell us how your oil change went, we'd love to hear from you.  Just check out the questions tab to send us your questions/comments.  Good Luck!