You Almost Had It!


Episode 1 - podcasting

First things first - if you haven't listened to episode 1 on podcasting, go listen to it now!  There is a ton of helpful info for first-time podcasters FROM first-time podcasters.  Podcasting is a lot of fun.  We want to make this page a one-stop shop for anyone who wants to start his or her very own podcast today.  It's pretty easy when you have the right resources!  So here goes:

- Create a website.  The cost should be between $18 - $25 per month.  

- After recording and editing your audio file, check out these links we used to build the site, and begin hosting our podcast. 
Podcast with Squarespace
Setting up a blog to host your podcast
Posting a podcast episode

- iTunes requires you to have a logo.  We used for ours.  It's a subscription-based site that creates awesome custom logos for you for as little as $2.99/month.  The best part is, there's no limit on the number of logos you can create.  You may need to resize the logo, because iTunes limits you to between 1400x1400 and 3000x3000.  We just created our logo, then resized it in either Paint, or photo editor.  

- Unfortunately, I won't be going into anything about editing your recording.  We just went to, and searched videos on how to record and edit on Garageband.  If you don't use a Mac, no problem.  Check out for free recording software.  


We've set up an aStore for all the equipment we use/you'll need.  We have our products, as well as some higher end items if you want that extra degree of professionalism.  Check it out HERE.

And there you have it - a beginner's guide to podcasting.  Doesn't seem too difficult, right?  If you run into any other questions, or just want to tell us how your podcast went, we'd love to hear from you.  Just check out the questions tab to send us your questions/comments.  Good Luck!