You Almost Had It!


Episode 6 - Vince Gives Himself a Haircut

Are you thinking of being your own barber?! Here are the tools Vince used to "lower his ears"!

Episode 5 - LUKE TAKES Better Pictures

Check out the gallery of Luke's photos. Also, he shares the tips that helped him find those better pictures. 

Thanks to Emily Songer for helping Luke find the photographer inside of him.

EPISODE 4 - Vince Makes HIS Own Hoodie

Thanks again to Zede and Mal of Zede's Sewing Studio. Be sure to check out their website and podcast.

Click here to learn what supplies you'll need and what directions to follow if you want to make your own clothes.


Episode 3 - Luke Tries Stand Up Comedy

"It was pretty rough!!!" - Luke after his first attempt at stand-up comedy.

Click here to learn how to avoid making the same mistakes he did.

Luke tells you how to prep, how to find a venue, and what to do the 'night of". How to be funny? That's up to you.

EPISODE 2 - Vince Changes His Oil

If you're due for an oil change, try doing it yourself. If Vince can do it, you absolutely can too.

Here are the notes Vince made on the experience. 

He shares helpful articles and videos, tips on purchasing inexpensive supplies, and perspective of a true first-timer.

EPISODE 1 - Luke and Vince Start a Podcast

And the journey begins. Luke and Vince set out to start a podcast. 

If you too would like to try your hand at podcasting, here are some helpful tips.

Topics include creating a logo, setting up a website, purchasing equipment, and then CLICKING RECORD! Now you're ready to podcast!